White French Rabbit Fur Coat 1970's Vintage Size Small - Medium 38" Bust MINT!

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Show stopping 1970's vintage creamy ever so slightly off-white French rabbit fur coat in a very rare, below knee length with large flared bell sleeves, huge rounded collar, and Princess fit and flare silhouette. Absolutely stunning!

The fur is luxuriously soft and high quality, thick, fluffy, and perfectly clean. Milky off white with subtle beige undertones. Three hidden metal latches with round loop closures secure the front. Fully lined in heavy, silky, shiny matching off white satin. Two hidden side seam pockets, no shoulder pads. The low curve of the collar features an internal flexible boning that adds structure and the option to subtly shape the edges if you so wish. The skin beneath the fur is thin and soft, and as with all vintage furs, wear with care and consideration to not apply outward pressure as there are several seams that were expertly sewn together to craft this gorgeous coat.

There is no shedding of the fur, but minimal hair loss is to be expected and is a characteristic of all fur coats.

Gently brush prior to wearing, store in an area with adequate ventilation, and this beauty could easily be passed down to the next generation. You will not be disappointed, it's amazing and you will absolutely fall in love!

*Please be familiar with your countries laws on importing animal furs, as some pose restrictions, even on vintage fur items. As always with imports, VAT is to be expected in certain countries.

• Designer: The Parisian
• Material: French Rabbit Hair
• Made in (unlisted on the coat itself, however research of the brand sources this to having been made in Ohio, USA with fur potentially coming from England)
* Recommended Women’s size: Small(allows layering and more room for movement)- Medium(more fitted, less layering options, and wear with more care as to not stress seams)

• Shoulder edge to edge: 17"
• Bust: 38"
• Waist: 36"
• Hips: 40"
• Sleeves: 24"
• Total length: 47"

*The recommended women's size is based on the carefully taken measurements above.

Relying on these measurements and comparing them with your body and a similar item that fits you well is the best way to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit.

Original label sizes vary greatly, and should not be used to determine fit.

The model is 5'8" tall, 36”-26”-36” bust-waist-hips.